Trimming the List

Since adding to the list a couple of months ago, I’ve been sorting through the unavailables in the outside chance that some of them are being released eventually on DVD. I was surprised by my results.

Tally from January 27:

  • Seen: 544
  • In Queue: 345
  • Unavailable: 416
  • Left to see (but not in queue): 1048
  • Total: 2353

New tally:

  • Seen: 553
  • In Queue: 432
  • Unavailable: 318 (I got to remove almost 100)
  • Left to see (but not in queue): 1044
  • Removed from list: 6 (Usually because Short films inadvertently ended up in the master list)
  • Total: 2347 (I’ve seen 23.56% of them).

Obviously, I’m a list maker. I imagine the unavailables will constitute an ever smaller number as time goes by. On with the movie watching!

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