MarsEdit 2.0.3

After a long time of realizing how much it sucks to back date entries in Wordpress (especially if you're using the Firefox Expandable Form Fields extension) and trying to remember the passwords of a whole bunch of different blogs that are powered by various systems, I downloaded MarsEdit 2.0.3 last night just to check it out.

Yesterday's Evaluating RSS Readers post was authored using this software. I added 50 Words to it and played around with it last night (which resulted in my staying up a little too late).

I have no idea how I got along without it. Occasionally, posting on blogs, particularly from my on-again-off-again wifi connection at home, is slow enough that it inspires me to put an entry in a Ta-da Lists to get around to the post later. With MarsEdit, I can save things as drafts, mess around with an entry or idea on the train.

I like that I can manage multiple blogs from one interface. I enjoy the fact that I can edit all the fields from this same interface and that I can tab to the month, date, and time in the date fields. The only thing that gives me pause is that I use the Textile 2 Plugin on one of my blogs and the post list doesn't interpret those posts.

The inline Technorati tags are nifty and the fact that it's scriptable means that if I'm ever terribly ambitious, I could write something amusing. Fortunately, other people have beat me to the punch.


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