Political Spam

Today, I got a spam on my gmail account from Beth Myers, campaign manager for Mitt Romney, that talked about how great this last weekend was — that the former governor got an endorsement from the Family Research Council. Whoopty doo.

It's bad enough that my snail mail box is stuffed full of political arguments ads and other bullshit nearly every day — all from the campaigns and issues that I care the least about, from a controversy about a bridge to various people running for City Council.

But, in honor of the spam, I'll give you ten reasons I would never vote for Mitt Romney (Wiki: his positions).

  1. His campaign manager spammed me.
  2. He is a conservative.
  3. He is for abstinence-only sex education.
  4. He supports drilling for oil in ANWR
  5. He is against equal rights for gays and lesbians.
  6. He supports the atrocities happening in Guantanamo Bay.
  7. He supports censoring the internet.
  8. He opposes federal funding of stem-cell research.
  9. He advocates a repeal of Roe v. Wade.
  10. He falsely mentioned his sons in the military (none of the five have ever served).

The fact that he's Mormon? I could care less. I'm an atheist. The whole argument about what kind of Christian he is strikes me as ridiculously irrelevant. It's like arguing whether or not his tie should be red, crimson, scarlet, or rose.

Beth Myers, shame on you for sending spam. I'm looking forward to watching your candidate's sobbing concession.

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