Flock 1.0

I've been using Flock as one of my primary browsers for a while, but noticed a tendency of the software to crash at inopportune moments, particularly when I had a significant number of tabs open. Getting dumped with 25 tabs open (which are all awaiting tagging) is never fun.

I had high hopes for the new Flock 1.0, which I downloaded last week. I was looking forward to an increase in speed and an increase in stability. Unfortunately, it seems that the improvements to the browser are strictly cosmetic and/or social networking enhancements.

Without a basic level of stability, none of the extra social networking junk matters even a little bit. This afternoon, closing a tab containing Yahoo Mail crashed Flock about six times in a row. It very rarely closes without crashing. If I close the browser, it crashes. If I close a tab, it crashes. If I use the keyboard to command-number to a specific tab, it crashes.

I'm dissatisfied enough with the new Flock, despite the extra sleek myworld page, that I'm finished messing with it. I'll export things I've bookmarked in the browser, but I need software that works, is reasonably fast, and doesn't crash 80 times a day.

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