Nominee Project Update

A little over 18 months ago, I posted here about The Nominee Project. Recently, I finally got around to adding the nominated movies of the 2009 Awards shows to the database.

Since that post a while back, I've added two years worth of nominees to the database. As is obvious from the frequency I post here, I'm not Johnny-on-the-spot with updates. I'm trying to rectify that in the future.

Today, the tally stands as follows:

  • Total films: 2512
  • Viewed: 723 (28.78%)
  • Unavailable: 316 (12.58%)
  • Left to see: 1473 (58.64%)

Since last time, I've seen 104 nominees. That's about 1.3 per week. I'm never going to knock out the back log at that pace. Thankfully, the nearby public library supplements my Netflix queue. Check your local public library. They probably let you check out DVDs. Just watch the due date.

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