Rebooting Some Projects

Hi. It's been a while. Seven years on this blog have seen 26 posts, 12 comments, and promises to myself to get going again. For the past few weeks, I've been noodling around with designing a new theme for this place. Maybe, I'll finish it soon. Or, maybe I'll rough one up in Bootstrap or Foundation real quick.

I'm going to repurpose this space as I ramp up some of my projects. I spent some time trying to figure out a new name for the technical blog I've wanted to start as I focus on trying to take my career to the next level. I've done the work that I do, front-end web development, for a long time and it's about time to give back to the community (and to myself). I hope you're okay with more technical material here.

Sometimes, we look out on the junkyard of our personal projects and blogs and chunks of code in random directories. Maybe, we go over to some shiny theme gallery and dream of a new site and a new inspiring direction. We see something we like — a theme with pretty typography, perhaps — and aspire to begin. This time, I'm just going to cast all that aside and start. The hardest thing is simply to start.

What I'm Doing

  • Preparing to go back to school in the fall. Part-time. Little by little, inch by inch.
  • Studying data structures and algorithms in Python (MIT OCW 6.006).
  • Learning how to be a member of a community, instead of merely a spectator.
  • Going through my backlog for 50 Words.
  • Updating my Nominee Project list.
  • Adding new goals to my calendar.
  • Making plans for the future.

Rebooting is just a matter of deciding to start again. All you need is a few words to get started.

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