Bringing the Nominee Project to 2014

I’ve been spending a bit of time reviewing my Nominee Project database and realized that I haven’t added the new nominees to the tally since awards season in 2009. Since the 2015 awards season is just around the corner, I thought it wise to take the time to update the list.

When I started the project, the only reliable way to watch movies without buying them outright was to see them in the theatre or use Netflix to rent the DVD. Now, we have Netflix Instant View, Amazon Instant Video, and a variety of other sources to stream titles, some of which aren’t available on DVD anymore. Some of these sources will also rent you movies for a fee that aren’t included with a membership (Amazon, particularly).

So, for the purposes of this list, in contrast with ones I did in previous years, there are two categories: titles I’ve seen and those that are left.

Before this update, my list looked like this:

  • Total: 2512
  • Seen: 784 (31.21%)
  • Left: 1728 (68.79%)

Adding 2010 - 2014

  • Total: 2939 (2010: +89, 2011: +83, 2012: +90, 2013: +87, 2014: +78)
  • Seen: 824 (28.04%) (2010: 11, 2011: 10, 2012: 4, 2013: 10, 2014: 5)
  • Left: 2115 (71.96%)

In 2015, I’m working on some new things for 50 Words. I’m hoping to knock at least 2 titles a week (average) off my “Left to See” list this year.

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