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2015 Awards Season

The Oscars for this year happened a couple of days ago. Time to update the Nominee Project database.

The list before today:

  • Total: 2939
  • Seen: 827 (28.14%)
  • Left: 2112 (71.86%)

Adding 2015:

  • Total: 3015 (2015: +76)
  • Seen: 827 (27.43%)
  • Left: 2188 (72.57%)

For the first time …

Nominee Project Update

A little over 18 months ago, I posted here about The Nominee Project. Recently, I finally got around to adding the nominated movies of the 2009 Awards shows to the database.

Since that post a while back, I've added two years worth of nominees to the database. As is obvious …

Reviews of 2008

I wrote 122 reviews on 50 Words. Most of them were things I listened to or saw for the first time. I'll round up the year with three top 10 lists: the best movies, the worst movies, and the best music. I'll skip the worst music list, since none of …

Nominee Project

Nearly two years ago, I decided to undertake a monumental task to diversify my cinematic literacy (to coin a phrase). I haven't written about it here before. As awards season for the 2007 films approaches, it is a good time to review my Nominee Project, which I originally mentioned on …

Trimming the List

Since adding to the list a couple of months ago, I’ve been sorting through the unavailables in the outside chance that some of them are being released eventually on DVD. I was surprised by my results.

Tally from January 27:

  • Seen: 544
  • In Queue: 345
  • Unavailable: 416
  • Left to …

Adding to the Tally

On recent announcements of award nominees for the Independent Spirit Awards, the Golden Globes, and the Academy Awards, I’m awarded the opportunity to add more movies to my database. As mentioned earlier, I’ve culled the list to the 88 eligible movies and eliminated one of them for not …